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"SMEs go LifeSciences" iniciatíva v plnom prúde

Life Science Conference and training according to the last call TP1 in FP6.
October 6th-7th, 2005

Location: Bratislava, University Library, Ventúrska Street no. 11, in Auditorium hall

Thursday 6th of October
SMEs go LifeSciences Training in FP6
9.00-09.15 Welcome
Dr. Ing. Martin Kedro CSc, director of SARC Centre for Advancement, Science and Technology, Slovakia

Súbor DOC SMEs go LifeSciences (presentation)

Life Science area and EU projects in Slovakia
Analysis of the Slovak participation in FP6 and last 4th call of TP1 (call information) Mr. Both - NCP for Life Sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for health (20 minutes), Slovakia
Súbor DOC Life Sciences area and EU FP6 (presentation)

SUCCES STORY- Slovak partner in IP project in "LifeScience" area - Ms. Pastorekova, Institute of Virology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Slovakia (15 minutes)
Súbor DOC Success story (presentation)

Section 1: Introduction of the SMEs go LifeSciences project and practical skills according to FP6 projects

Introduction of the project
Súbor DOC SMEs go LifeSciences - introduction (presentation)
Using of CORDIS and SMEs go LifeSciences database for searching (calls and new partners and projects) (30 minutes) Mrs. Kedrová (SARC, National expert for the SMEs go LifeSciences), Slovakia
Súbor DOC How to search for projects and profiles in SGL database? (presentation)

How to write successful project? Including advices - how to build a good Consortium (30 minutes) (Franziska Sherer, Germany)
Súbor DOC How to prepare a successful proposal in FP6 (presentation)

Financial aspects and budget planning - practical skills and advices related to last call - Mr. Erwan Le Guen (European Programmes Advisor Brussels Innovation Relay Centre (BIRC) Brussels Enterprise Agency), Belgium (30 minutes)
Súbor DOC FP 6 Financial Aspects (presentation)

Questions + discussion (15 minutes)
11.35-11.45 Coffee break

Opportunities of cooperation for SMEs and Researchers Role of SMEs within the EU projects
Special STREP call for SMEs within TP1 - Dr. Astrid Hoebertz
NCP for Life Sciences, Genomics and Biotechnology for health, and for NEST, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Austria (40 minutes)
Súbor DOC Special STREP call for SMEs within TP1 (presentation)

12.30-13.20 Buffet lunch
Section 2: FP6 and IPR issue - training

IPR issue - most frequent questions asked by SMEs and researchers - Mr. Erwan Le Guen (European Programmes Advisor Brussels Innovation Relay Centre (BIRC) Brussels Enterprise Agency), Belgium - speaker is specialized on EU law and IPR issue (40 minutes)
Súbor DOC FP 6 - IPR Issues (presentation)

Section 3: EVENT-PURPOSES and structure of BM

GiT meeting, introducing of the purpose and target of brokerage BM and matchmaking events
Information about CERA project - Martina Kedrová, Jana Slimáková Slovakia (20 minutes)
Súbor DOC CERA (presentation)

14.20-14.30 Coffee break
Section 4: Summary and discussion

Discussion and practical advises - interactive communication session - POSTER SESSION - all partner searches from SGL database will be available in paper form
Súbor DOC projects TP1


Location: Bratislava, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mlynská Dolina, 842 15 Bratislava, room no. 303, pavilion

Friday 7th of October
SMEs go LifeSciences Matchmaking and Brokerage event, GiTmeeting
09.00-09.15 Welcome on matchmaking event
Martina Kedrová, Slovak National contact for SMEs goes LifeSciences

Súbor DOC SMEs go LifeSciences (presentation)
09.15-10.20 Match-making event
Introduction Mrs. Annamária Csányi, (Hungary) SMEs go LifeSciences (10 minutes), (Chairwoman of the match-making event)

Súbor DOC "SMEs go LifeSciences" Support initiative (presentation)
Section 1: Presentation of SMEs, Researchers and PARTNER SEARCH PROFILES
9.20 -10.40

Dr. Astrid Hoebertz / presentation of SMES PROFILES and PARTNER SEARCHES / Austria (15 minutes)
Súbor DOC Austrian partner searches and researcher profiles (presentation)

Mrs. Annamária Csányi/ SMES PROFILES and PARTNER SEARCHES /SMEs go LifeSciences - Hungary (15 minutes)
Súbor DOC Food and food and health (presentation)

Mr.Iulian Maxim / 2 PARTNER SEARCHES /Rumania
Mr.Felix Mircea / coordinator of project planned for submission, Rumania (20 minutes)
Súbor DOC I (presentation)
Súbor DOC II (presentation)

1SMEs presentation -, BIOSCIENCE, Slovakia (15minutes)
Súbor DOC BioScience Slovakia s.r.o. (presentation)

Franciska Scherer - presentation of SMEs PROFILES and PARTNER SEARCHES / Germany (15 minutes)
Súbor DOC Presentation of SMEs and PARTNER SEARCH PROFILES (presentation)

10.40-10.55 Coffee break
10.55-11.10 Opening of the brokerage event - Mrs. Evelina Santa, CERA expert, FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Austria, (Chairwoman of the brokerage event)

Presentations of the groups of interest and potential project partners

Presentation of the Slovak project planned for submission within the 4th. Call

presentation of 1 SLOVAK PARTNER SEARCH (15 minutes)

Presentation of Researchers (10 minutes for participant):
Súbor DOC I. (presentation), Súbor DOC II. (presentation)
Súbor DOC I. (presentation)
Súbor DOC I. (presentation)
Súbor DOC I. (presentation), Súbor DOC II. (presentation)

13.00-14.00 Buffet lunch
Section 2: groups of interest and BM event

Creation of "draft consortium" within the 1 Slovak project.
Creation of RESEARCHER groups and discussion and suggestions within the groups - forming the questions for part 3, involving the SMEs matched with researchers

Section 3: place for questions + discussion

Consultants: Mrs. Kedrova, Mrs. Santa, Mrs. Csányi, Mr. Iulian Maxim)
(During the Brokerage and matching part are all of the consultants available)

16.00 - end of the event
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