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What it means to be human

  • This initiative aims to investigate why humans are different:
    • What features make our cognitive abilities unique?
    • What are the origins of these features?
  • Why this question? Because:
    • Today, a more integrated understanding of the human mind/brain and its specific features should allow to open up new scientific opportunities
    • It provides a way to bring together cognitive sciences and related disciplinary areas that can all contribute to explore the opportunities at the interface
  • Projects may have different individual objectives. However, they must address "what features make human cognitive abilities unique, and what are the origins of these features?"
  • focus on higher cognitive faculties, (thinking, reasoning, using language) and individual cognitive development (in the context of social and cultural factors)
  • take a comparative and evolutionary perspective
  • be highly interdisciplinary
  • In all cases however, the research must address the key question: why are humans different?
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