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Measuring the impossible

  • To give an impulse to more fundamental advances that will underpin future measurement methods and techniques
  • To stimulate a significant advance in the scientific basis for rigorous measurements of phenomena that are:
    • intrinsically multidisciplinary
    • mediated by human interpretation and perception.
  • Science - strong cross-over between physical, biological and social sciences
  • Business - products and services appeal to consumers according to parameters of quality, beauty, comfort which are mediated by human perception
  • Public authorities - provide citizens with support and services whose performance is measured according to parameters of life quality, security or well being
Čo tam patrí:
  • Projects with the highest "added-value" and long term impact in terms of advancing the science of measurement
  • Challenging objectives where significant steps can be taken towards answering them during the duration of the project
  • Measurement of the individual disease probability (policy, legal and ethical issues associated)
  • Measurement how chemical processes occur at detailed molecular level (better detection of fraudulent products, tracing illicit drugs)
  • Definition of measurement systems that are required to match human or animal senses
  • Measurement the quality of services (as perceived by subscribers) is no less important than the service itself
  • Measurement of attributes like comfort, feel of fabric or its texture
  • Happiness economics - the application of econometric techniques to the arena of human emotion
  • Measurement of intangible assets (intellectual capital of enterprises)
  • ...
Čo tam nepatrí:
  • Development of improved measuring instrumentation calibration of devices, inter-comparisons
  • Development of new infrastructures or major equipment and facilities for investigation
  • Primary measurements standards research
  • Research resulting in incremental development
  • Research of limited interdisciplinary research
  • Research of pure philosophical/theoretical nature/or tackling this issue in isolation of possible real-life problems and applications
  • Research associated with Marketing or other areas that could be used to manipulate the customers
  • Research intended to be kept confidential
  • Research covered by other TP or other PATH
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