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Všeobecný model pre grand agreement
× Uverejnené 2. 5. 2007

Európska komisia prijala dňa 10. apríla 2007 všeobecný model pre grand agreement. Uvedený dokument je publikovaný na stránke CORDISu:

Updated INFO for applicants
× Uverejnené 2. 5. 2007

Apparently many applicants do not find clear enough the explanations on the number of pages per section that are allowed in the proposal (this issue has been raised in a recent e-mail of Marta Gomez Quintanilla copied to all of you). Please note that in the guide for applicants it says that "Maximum length for the whole of Section 1 - 20 pages, plus the tables". The interpretation is that the tables 1.3 a, b, c, d, and e (for instance just to mention a key one: the work packages descriptions) are an extra element NOT to be counted within the 20 pages limit;

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